• Becky’s, Nikki’s and Amanda’s blogs are Aesthetically inviting. They are concise and organized and use themes and images that positively attract readers.


  • Dynamic Images
  • Interesting titles
  • Organization in relation to the images and content.
  • Concise content


  • Awesome purple theme
  • Related images
  • concise content
  • Looks organized


  • Great theme and wallpaper
  • Complementary and interesting use of color in the theme
  • Inviting
  • Dynamic images, related to content and organized
  • Specific title
  • Concise content

The best of Becky’s blog:

  • Content is personalized
  • Titles are creative
  • Images are Dynamic

The best of Nikki’s blog:

  • Purple theme
  • Concise and specific content
  • Different images (in a good way. They are funny, interesting and related to the topic)

The best of Amanda’s blog:

  • Theme (wallpaper and colors)
  • Images (dynamic and interesting)
  • Overall organization

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